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                 live music . Original acrylic on canvas  Price £100

                Summer.Original  acrylic painting on canvas   Price £100

Michael Jackson tribute

         Michael Jackson . Original acrylic painting on canvas   Price £ 180   

               les 24 du Mans. Original acrylic painting on canvas Price £ 100


                          Drawing from photo


                        Drawing on paper pencil 

I am a self taught artist who started painting and drawing in 1995.  My artwork is a reflection of my diverse impressions.  I make colorful acrylic painting on canvas, acrylic on paper, in impressionist abstract , and figurative styles.I draw on paper using pencil and ink I also print my drawings on Tshirts                                                                                                                       Whether you're interested in a piece of my art, have a general enquiry about what    I do or have an idea for a piece you'd like me to paint for you, drop me a message through my contact form I 'll contact you back within 72 hours.   However, if there is a piece of work you would like to buy please send me a message than you can use Paypal.

                                            Original acrylic on canvas Price£70 

              London, Paris by night . Original acrylic painting on canvas  Price £500

                   Imagination. Original  acrylic painting on canvas  Price £180

                  Michael Jackson.original acrylic painting on canvas Price £ 180 

                     Sea. Original acrylic painting on paper. Price £80

                     Drawing on paper pencil 

                                                 Drawing on Paper pencil